OVERWATCH Companion App

The Overwatch* Companion app was designed to make Overwatch as accessible as possible. The app highlights hero info and management along with player stats, while also making the fun of Loot Boxes mobile. The initial concept was a simple compendium for Overwatch characters, but it quickly expanded to function as a true companion app. In order for the app to feel like a true extension of the game itself, I took cues from the client UI and motion design to construct new interactions that fit a mobile landscape. For instance, new information can be slid in from the side in order to maintain a good balance of onscreen information, which was based on the slide and fade animation used in the client menus. In order to make the app feel truly dynamic and maintain continuity with the game client, I designed each screen to take place in the 3D space of whichever location is highlighted on the menu screen, which in this example is Eichenwalde. The planned motion design would further accentuate this as each menu takes you to a different space within that location. *OVERWATCH is a trademark of Blizzard Entertainment. Major credit goes to Blizzard and everyone that is a part of the amazing Team 4. All location images, characters, app text, and icons belong to Blizzard.

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